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Dec 8, 2012 9:00am EST
hands been tied? >> guest: oh, i think when i want accountability on the funds coming out of new york or funds for katrina. a fund for solving the unsolved civil rights crimes, i actually work with a guy who's trying to do that and i blocked it until i could make it effective, was demonized for that. you know, those words hurt, but those words, they are not true so if you feel good about yourself, trying to do the right thing even though it means you're going to take all sorts of hits, the haiti fund with all the big fox network people came to me because we have some clear oversight and could see what we're doing, several areas like that. but i'm kind of used to doing it. i'm pretty careful. i think every penny we spent ought to be spent right. i don't think we ought to waste a first penny, and so i don't mind taking heat, asking questions and taking time trying to figure out where we're going to spend the money, and whether not it's going to be spent effectively and whether or not we're going to the transparency to see whether it is spent effectively. >> host: tom coburn in his his seco
Dec 3, 2012 12:00am EST
have extended for 90 days. this is herkimer new york so you are employing great americans who mind and calibrate the stones. they have also made all the silver work and it is done by hand here in america. >>guest: under present are some delay is here in america and there's so much quantity we have teams all over the country because we have the right for you. but weou the best we only work with the best teams to assemble my designs and where working with the her amount mainz to give you% of the best material available. >>host: depth partnersb partners with the best vendors and we have women all over the world they want the arenerstones we are talking of people in countries like quillback wordthat herkimer quartz. >>guest: renee is super fashionable as a this is been a real great project to work with the owner of herkimerc13 ownerof the herkimer quartz mine. >>host: these stones date 5 million years old and that's why we talk about them they are fascinating and when you read herkimer and the legend in their referred to as greenstones there is really neat lore attached to them. this i
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2